TODO: from Zeldes (2017)[1]: "Corpora have grown progressively more complex and multifactorial, going beyond tagged, or even syntactically annotated treebanks to encompass multiple, simultaneous levels of analysis. For example, the Switchboard corpus (henceforth SWBD, Godfrey et al. 1992) and the Wall Street Journal corpus, (WSJ, see Marcus et al. 1993, both American English) have been repeatedly annotated to add information. Examples include coreference analysis or named entities (e.g. for WSJ in OntoNotes, Hovy et al. 2006, which was extended to include Mandarin Chinese and Modern Standard Arabic), phonetic and further disfluency annotation or prosody and ToBI breaks (SWBD, Calhoun et al. 2010), as well as discourse functional annotation (the RST Discourse Treebank based on WSJ, Carlson et al. 2001). For research on Continuous Speech Recognition, portions of the WSJ corpus were even read out loud and recorded (Paul and Baker 1992). Some corpora have been constructed as multilayer resources from the outset or shortly thereafter, such as the HCRC Map Task Corpus (Anderson et al. 1991, Scottish English), the ACE corpora (Mitchell et al. 2003, Mandarin, Arabic and English), the Potsdam Commentary Corpus (German, see Stede 2004; Stede and Neumann 2014) or the Manually Annotated Sub-Corpus of the Open American National Corpus (MASC, Ide et al. 2010, American English)."

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  POS tagging Syntax parsing NER NED/EL SRL iSRL Entity Coref. Event Coref. WSD Quote Attrib.
Reuters Reuters CoNLL-2003[4] AIDA-CoNLL[5] NP4E[6] (partial) NP4E[6] (partial)
WSJ PENN Treebank[7] Constituent: PENN Treebank[7] BBN[8] Constituent: PropBank[9], NomBank[10];

Dependency: CoNLL-2008[11]

Pronoun: BBN[8] SemEval-2007 Task 17 (3,500 word)[12] PARC[13][14]
FrameNet 1.5 (WSJ+AQUAINT +MASC+LUcorpus+misc.) FrameNet FrameNet
OntoNotes 4.0 (?) Moor et al. (2013)[15](partial)
OntoNotes 5.0 (WSJ 300K+TDT4+LCD+Web) OntoNotes OntoNotes (PropBank-style) OntoNotes OntoNotes (coarse-grained)
Sherlock Holmes SemEval-2010[16] SemEval-2010[16]
Brown Brown Constituent: PENN Treebank[7] PropBank-style: CoNLL-2005[17]
SemCor (part of Brown) Brown SemCor
WSMT (13 articles) Semeval-2013 task 12 (BabelNet 1.1.1)[18]
RSS-500 NIF NER N3[19] N3

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From Hovy et al. (2006)[20]

An example of the latter type is the Salsa project (Burchardt et al., 2004), which produced a German lexicon based on the FrameNet semantic frames and annotated a large German newswire corpus. A second example, the Prague Dependency Treebank (Hajic et al., 2001), has annotated a large Czech corpus with several levels of (tectogrammatical) representation, including parts of speech, syntax, and topic/focus information structure. Finally, the IL-Annotation project (Reeder et al., 2004) focused on the representations required to support a series of increasingly semantic phenomena across seven languages (Arabic, Hindi, English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and French). In intent and in many details, OntoNotes is compatible with all these efforts, which may one day all participate in a larger multilingual corpus integration effort."

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