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From Flekova and Gurevych (2016)[1] "Usage of supersense labels has been shown to improve dependency parsing (Agirre et al., 2011), named entity recognition (Marrero et al., 2009; Rud et al., 2011), non-factoid question ¨ answering (Surdeanu et al., 2011), question generation (Heilman, 2011), semantic role labeling (Laparra and Rigau, 2013), personality profiling (Flekova and Gurevych, 2015), semantic similarity (Severyn et al., 2013) and metaphor detection (Tsvetkov et al., 2013).


  1. Flekova, Lucie, and Iryna Gurevych. "Supersense Embeddings: A Unified Model for Supersense Interpretation, Prediction, and Utilization." ACL 2016