Examples Edit

  • ‘small room’ is negative for a hotel review and ‘small queue’ is positive for a post office
  • go read the book’ is positive for a book review but negative for a movie review.

From LCT slides:

“Dear <hardware store>
Yesterday I had occasion to visit <yourcompetitor>. The had an excellent selection, friendly and helpful sales people, and the lowest prices in town.
You guys suck.
From the Sentiment Analysis : a comprehensive guide:

  • "The picture quality of camera A is poor" This direct opinion states a negative opinion about camera A.
  • “The picture quality of camera A is better than that of camera B” A a positive opinion about camera A and, conversely, a negative opinion about camera B.
  • “The voice quality of this phone is amazing” this sentence expresses an explicit positive opinion.
  • “The earphone broke in two days” this sentence expresses an implicit negative opinion.

Intent Edit

Intent may become key for tasks such as sentiment analysis—a concept that generally has a negative connotation, e.g., small seat, might turn out to be positive, e.g., if the intent is for an infant to be safely seated in it.[1]

References Edit

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