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According to Nguyen et al. (2015)[1]

"In the last decade, the relation extraction litera- ture has been dominated by two methods, distin- guished by the nature of the relation representa- tion: the feature-based method (Kambhatla, 2004; Boschee et al., 2005; Zhou et al., 2005; Grishman et al., 2005; Jiang and Zhai, 2007; Chan and Roth, 2010; Sun et al., 2011; Nguyen and Grishman, 2014) and the kernel-based method (Zelenko et al., 2003; Culotta and Sorensen, 2004; Bunescu and Mooney, 2005a; Bunescu and Mooney, 2005b; Zhang et al., 2006; Zhou et al., 2007; Qian et al., 2008; Nguyen et al., 2009; Sun and Han, 2014)."


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