• Theory neutral numeric core roles (Arg0, Arg1, etc.)
    • Interpretation of roles: verb-specific framesets
    • Arg0 and Arg1 usually correspond to prototypical Agent and Patient/Theme roles.
    • Other arguments do not consistently generalize across verbs
      • Though there is an effort to make roles consistent. Arg2 is usually instrument, benefactive, attribute; Arg3 usually corresponds to starting point, benefactive, attribute and ARG4 is usually ending point.
    • Different senses have different framesets
    • Syntactic alternations that preserve meaning are kept toghether in a single frameset
  • Closed set of 13 general labels for Adjuncts (e.g., Temporal, Manner, Location, etc.)

Criticisms Edit

Failure to handle multi-word expressions: "The 12K rolesets in PB describe mostly single word predicates, to a great part leaving aside multiword expressions (MWEs). Complex predicates (CPs), ‘predicates which are multi-headed: they are composed of more than one grammatical element’ (Ramisch, 2012), are most relevant in the context of SRL. Light verb constructions (LVCs), e.g. take care, and verb particle constructions (VPCs), e.g. watch out, are the most frequently occurring types of CPs. As Bonial et al. (2014) stated ‘PB has previously treated language as if it were purely compositional, and has therefore lumped the majority of MWEs in with lexical verb usages’. For example the predicates in the CPs take a hard line, take time and many others are all annotated with a sense of take, meaning acquire, come to have, chose, bring with you from somewhere. This results in a loss of semantic information in the PB annotations.

This is especially critical because CPs are a frequent phenomenon. The Wiki50 corpus (Vincze et al., 2011), which provides a full coverage MWE annotation, counts 814 occurrences of LVCs and VPCs in 4350 sentences. This makes for one CP in every fifth sentence." (Jagfeld and van der Plas, 2015[1])

cf. Hwang et al. (2010)[2], Bonial et al. (2014)[3]

Languages other than English Edit

References Edit

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