I'm Minh Le, a PhD candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and employee of Elsevier (as of 2019). This wiki is a collection of notes on Natural Language Understanding that I made during my study. By putting them in a public wiki, I hope they become useful for every researcher in the field. If you are interested, feel free to drop a message or just go ahead and create/modify an article.

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Contents(24 C, 11 P)
Approaches(5 C, 17 P)
no subcategories
[×] Compositionality(1 P)
no subcategories
Data(2 C)
[×] Crowdsourcing(2 P)
Datasets(1 C, 14 P)
Evaluation campaigns(1 C)
[×] ACE(2 P)
Experimental design(1 C)
[×] Crowdsourcing(2 P)
[×] Feature engineering(1 P)
no subcategories
Genres(1 C)
[×] Spoken language(4 P)
[×] History(3 P)
no subcategories
[×] Information retrieval(1 P)
no subcategories
Knowledge(2 C, 5 P)
[×] Knowledge base(2 P)
[×] Knowledge source(2 P)
[×] Linguistic phenomena(3 P)
no subcategories
Linguistics(1 C, 1 P)
[×] Psycholinguistics(3 P)
Logic(1 C, 7 P)
[×] Probabilistic logic(1 P)
no subcategories
Meaning(1 C, 2 P)
[×] Meta-algorithm(1 P)
no subcategories
[×] Methodology(3 P)
no subcategories
[×] Probabilistic scripts(3 P)
no subcategories
Related research(6 C, 1 P)
[×] Digital humanities(2 P)
Machine learning(5 C, 20 P)
[×] Neurolinguistics(2 P)
Psychology(1 C, 5 P)
[×] Statistics(2 P)
Representation(1 C, 1 P)
Robustness(1 C, 1 P)
[×] Domain adaptation(2 P)
[×] Small data(2 P)
no subcategories
Tasks(15 C, 12 P)
[×] Combination of tasks(4 P)
[×] Entity recognition(1 P)
[×] Event processing(1 P)
[×] Language models(9 P)
[×] Linearization(1 P)
[×] Question answering(1 P)
Reference-related tasks(4 C, 2 P)
Semantics-related tasks(4 C, 9 P)
Syntax-related tasks(1 C, 2 P)

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