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Types of meronymy (Winston et al. (1987), cited in Mulkar-Mehta et al. (2011)[1]):

  • (i) Component-Integral (e.g., pedal is a component of the integral bike),
  • (ii) Member-Collection (e.g., a ship is a member of the collection, a fleet),
  • (iii) Portion-Mass (e.g., a slice is a portion of the mass, a pie),
  • (iv) Stuff-Object (e.g., steel is one of the ingredients/stuff of the object car),
  • (v) Feature-Activity (e.g., paying is one of the features of the whole activity of shopping),
  • (vi) Place-Area (e.g., Everglades is a place within the area of Florida).


  1. Mulkar-Mehta, Rutu, Jerry Hobbs, and Eduard Hovy. "Granularity in natural language discourse." Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Semantics. Association for Computational Linguistics, 2011. PDF