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This page tries to capture the history of AI not in chronological order but in successive paradigms. A time line of AI can be found on Wikipedia article.

According to Ekbia (2008)[1], those are main AI paradigms:

  1. Deep Blue: Supercomputing AI
  2. Cyborgs: Cybernetic AI
  3. Cyc: Knowledge-Intensive AI
  4. Coach and Chef: Case-Based AI
  5. Language Learning: Connectionist AI
  6. Mathematical Models: Dynamical AI
  7. Cog: Neorobotic AI
  8. Copycat: Analogical AI

Chess-playing and AI[]

In 1997, George Johnson stated that solving Go is 100 or more years away and doing so will be "a sign that artificial intelligence is truly beginning to become as good as the real thing".

In 2016, AlphaGo defeated one of the best Go player in the world and we are still not close to AGI.

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Wikipedia has an article on: History of artificial intelligence


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