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Entity linking (EL) is a similar but broader task than Named Entity Disambiguation (NED): NED is concerned with disambiguating a textual NE mention where the correct entity is known to be one of the KB entries, while EL also requires systems to deal with the case where there is no entry for the NE in the reference KB.[1]

3 general steps:

  1. mention detection
  2. link generation
  3. disambiguation


From Cheng and Roth (2013)[2]: "broad applications in NLP, Information Extraction, and Knowledge Acquisition from text, from coreference resolution (Ratinov and Roth, 2012) to entity linking and knowledge population (Ellis et al., 2011; Ji et al., 2010; Cucerzan, 2011)."


From Ling et al. (2015)[3]: "TAC11 and TAC12 [...] the organizers intentionally selected the mentions that are highly ambiguous such as “ABC” and/or incomplete such as “Brown”

State of the art[]

System KORE50 CoNLL
Babelfy[4] 71.5 82.1
KORE-LSH-G[5] 64.6 81.8
KORE[5] 63.9 80.7
Normalized Google Distance[6] 57.6 82.3
Tagme 2.0[7] 56.3 70.1
KPCS[5] 55.6 82.2
KORE-LSH-F[5] 53.2 81.2
UKB w2w (on BabelNet) 52.1 71.8
IllinoisWikifier[8] 41.7 72.4
DBpedia Spotlight 2011[9] 35.4 34.0

Further readings[]

  • Detecting unlinkable entities (Lin et al. 2012a)
  • Linking entities to any database (Sil et al. 2012)
  • Hyperlinking for multimedia data (Eskevich et al. 2013)
  • Automatically generating Wikipedia articles 
 (Sauper & Barzilay 2009)
  • Scaling up to the web (Lin et al. 2012b)
  • Serendipitous suggestions based on personalized entity links (Bordino et al. 2013)
  • Actionable entities/queries (Lin et al. 2012)



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