Inter-annotator agreement in CoNLL-2012

Main references:

  • 2011: Pradhan et al. (2011)[1]
  • 2012: Pradhan et al. (2012)[2]

The data can be downloaded from (2011) and (2012).

Notice! The data is not ready after downloaded. Follow the instructions to create *.v2_auto_conll and *.v2_gold_conll files.
Difference between .*_auto_conll and .*_gold_conll: from Xiao Cheng:
auto_conll uses parser's parse tree and gold_conll uses human annotated parse tree. Both have the same gold mentions ( thus auto_conll might have some gold mention not being a NP due to parser error )
About singletons: from Durrett and Klein (2013)[3]: "Singletons are always removed before evaluation because the OntoNotes corpus does not annotate them" (CoNLL-2011 and 2012 are part of OntoNotes).

References Edit

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