Natural Language Understanding Wiki

Given a Wikipage w, and provided it is mapped to a sense s (i.e., μ(w)=s), we create a Babel synset S∪W, where S is the WordNet synset to which sense s belongs, and W includes:

  1. w
  2. the set of redirections to w
  3. all the pages linked via its inter-language links (that is, translations of the Wikipage into other languages)
  4. the redirections to the inter-language links found in the Wikipedia of the target language.

For instance, given that μ(Play (theatre))=play1n, the corresponding Babel synset is {playen, Bühnenwerkde, piècede théâtrefr, ..., opera teatraleit} Including redirections additionally enlarges the Babel synset with {Theaterstückde, texte dramatiquefr}