Statistics from ACE05 evaluation plan(dead link - archived version)

From Durrett & Klein (2014)[1]: "ACE 2005 corpus (NIST, 2005): this corpus annotates mentions complete with coreference, semantic types (per mention), and entity links (also per mention) later added by Bentivogli et al. (2010). [...] train/test split from Stoyanov et al. (2009), Haghighi and Klein (2010), and Bansal and Klein (2012)."

Versions Edit

  • Official contest: test data is only available to participants
  • LDC2005E18: enlarged version
  • LDC2006T06: further enlarged version
  • Stoyanov et al.'s split[2]: newswire only, documents unclear from which set, 57 documents for training, 24 for testing (ratio 70/30)
  • Rahman and Ng's split[3]: full 599 documents from LDC2006T06, split into 482 documents for training, 117 testing (ratio 80/20), balanced between genres

Statistics from ACE05 evaluation plan(dead link - archived version)

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